I’m getting feeback from the vendors that I’ve been contacting and everything is going smoothly!  They seem almost as excited as I am.  There are so many products and I’m so encouraged to talk with these companies who have comitted to keeping Americans employed thus keeping the dream alive….    This is so FLIPPING fun!

I have also been thinking of asking you, my AWESOME readers, if there is anything specific that you would like me to find.  Since I’m in research mode now is a great time to send me to task on anything particular that you are seeking.  So far, I’ve found lots of kids stuff… clothing, toys, blankets, shoes, etc.  Lots of Pet stuff.  Also housewares, bedding and misc. things like wind chimes, belts, jewelry.  But please let me know if there is something specific you would like me to find for you. 

Thank you and as always continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness.


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