Yep, the last couple weeks have been difficult for me and I found myself floundering.  Like a fish, flopping around aimlessly, looking for water….   Why?  Well, I’ve been SO excited to find tons of opportunities for us to buy products that are still Made in the USA and I’d been lining everything up…   But then suddenly I had vendors contacting me about this store AND other clients calling about our other construction business, add to that my family/life responsibilities and instantly I was overwhelmed!  I felt like I couldn’t provide my full attention to anything and that is not acceptable.

I thought about it and I’ve found a solution:  I’m going to launch with one product.  That product is going to be Green Toys (which are freaking awesome kids toys).  I’m going to do the product video blog on it and then move on to the next product.  I figure this way I can focus on one vendor at a time, get it 100% complete and know that I’m giving you my best. 

It seems strange to start with one product line, but if I can get one new product into the system every other week then I figure I’ll be well one my way to getting you the American Made items that you are seeking.  That’s 26 new vendor products per year!  Not too shabby.

So, keep your eyes peeled.  I’m placing my order with Green Toys and expect to be officially launching within two weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!

Thanks again for listening and as always, continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness!

Hey all!

I learned something great about East Sacramento Hardware, they have a nice line of American Made garden tools!  I found this out through a friend who had returned there after her foreign made shovel had broken after only 5-6 months of use. 

My friend asked the representative what tool he would recommend and he directed her to the Made in USA section.  She bought her new shovel as per his suggestion and has not had a problem since… which as of this point has only been about 6 months.  But she said it’s holding up just fine!

So, if you’re in the market for some quality made garden tools.  Go check out East Sac hardware at:    4800 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95819,  916.457.7558

In short, you might pay a little more for something that’s made in the USA but in the long run you will save because it will last much longer.  Way to go East Sac Hardware!

Have an awesome day and continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness.

Have you seen the new Chrysler commercial?  It first aired during the Super Bowl last Sunday.  I saw it then and have a few times since…. each time my heart leaps and is  filled to the brim with pride.  Not because I’m a Chrysler fan mind you, although I do own two Jeeps, but because of the message that this commercial conveys. 

 If you listen, the commercial speaks specifically about Detroit, but I believe that the emotion behind it speaks for the entire country: 

 “What does a town that’s been to hell and back know about luxury?”  “It’s the hottest fires that make the hardest steel.”  “Add hard work, conviction and the know-how that runs generations deep in every last one of us.”  “That’s who we are.  That’s our story.”

 Yeah baby!!!   As a Country it’s true, we have been to hell and back.  Our come back is slow.  But I believe that WE as Americans have the conviction, the know-how and are willing to work hard to gain our strength again. 

 My solution to help get us all back on our feet is the invention and creation of this website.  Think about it, if we buy American we are supporting our own.  I have managed to find thousands of products that ARE proudly Made in the USA.  These manufactures have stuck things out, jumped through hoops and continue to be committed to our survival as a nation; committed to keeping our citizens working. 

I am so excited to be supporting these firms and our Country.  All the while providing you with awesome American Made products. 

“We’re from America…  Imported from Detroit.”  Way to go Chrysler! 

God bless America, the Motor City and all of you for listening.  And continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness.

I’m getting feeback from the vendors that I’ve been contacting and everything is going smoothly!  They seem almost as excited as I am.  There are so many products and I’m so encouraged to talk with these companies who have comitted to keeping Americans employed thus keeping the dream alive….    This is so FLIPPING fun!

I have also been thinking of asking you, my AWESOME readers, if there is anything specific that you would like me to find.  Since I’m in research mode now is a great time to send me to task on anything particular that you are seeking.  So far, I’ve found lots of kids stuff… clothing, toys, blankets, shoes, etc.  Lots of Pet stuff.  Also housewares, bedding and misc. things like wind chimes, belts, jewelry.  But please let me know if there is something specific you would like me to find for you. 

Thank you and as always continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit for Happiness.


Had some guys come out and repair the boot on my Maytag washer.  While they were working I heard one of them drop something and bang up his hand a bit. 

I queried, “Anyone bleeding?”  His response was, “No, luckily this isn’t a Frigidaire.  They don’t even bother to take off the burrs on their parts.  I always come away bleeding when I’ve been working on those.”  I said, “Oh, they must not be made in the USA.”  He said, “How’d you know?”

I did a little research and it turns out all of Frigidaire’s washers, dryers and refrigerators are actually manufactured in Mexico (YUCK!).  Maytag is manufactured in Clyde, OH (YEA!). 

So, by simply buying an American made appliance you are not only helping our economy and its Citizens with jobs.  Over the long term, you are keeping the appliance repair men and woman safer! 

Ok that’s all for now.  I hope you all have a terrific Super Bowl Sunday and continue to believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

I have found oodles of bedding products that are still made in the USA!  I didn’t think it was possible because I can’t remember the last time I saw a bedspread that was not made in China, but then I did the research and “BAM” everything from very fine expensive bedding to baby “Lovies” are still made here.  Pretty exciting!  I’ve been talking to several companies and am hopeful that we can work out a plan to have them all posted on my site.  Life is good!  I’m thinking animal products are next up.  Let me know if you know of any animal supply companies who still makes their products in the USA.

Also, got my business cards the other day and have been passing them along to anyone and everyone I meet.   I have two more weeks (ok, maybe three) to get this site up and officially launched.  I have TONS of work to do!  Got lots figured out over the last two weeks.  So, I think I finally have a handle on what I’m doing here.  I hope….  Guess we shall see how things go once I launch this brain child of mine. 

Thanks for listening and keep believing in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

So, I have a serious list of vendors building and I’m super excited about all the products I’m going to be offering on my site.  I just can’t get over how many everyday products are still made in the USA.  Tomorrow, I WILL swallow my fears and make the first official All American Marketplace phone call.  There is no time like the present, right???  Right.  Personal pep talk there.

On a different note, I’ve been hearing lots of positive press coming out of Motown lately.  First, it’s now cheaper to manufacture in Detroit than in Mexico or China and people’s confidence in Ford products has equaled and or surpassed that of Toyota.  Also, I see that Ford is going to be doing a bunch of hiring in the up coming year or two.  Way to go Motown, you are rocking in more ways than one!

Stay positive and continue to believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of YOUR happiness!

Well, here I am… starting up a new business. I MUST be crazy. Truth be told, I’m SUPER EXCITED. I’ve not ever started my own deal from scratch before, so this should be fun.

“So, what are you starting-up Sondra?” Well, this site is going to be an online All American SUPER STORE. What’s that? Well, all products offered on this site will be items that are manufactured in this freakin AWESOME country of ours – America.

Why? Well, I’m one of those saps who gets all teary-eyed when I hear our National Anthem.   I’ve grown, survived military service, raised children and thrived in this Country and believe that the American spirit cannot be beat.  We are a bright, determined and enthusiastic people.  If I can help us all purchase goods that were made in the USA; thus helping OUR workers, and ultimately the economy, then I think I will have found true happiness in my life.  My little way of giving back to a people and a Country who have given so much to me and my family.

Made in USA, doesn’t that give you pride when you see it on a tool you’ve just purchased?   How about housewares, clothing, toys, shoes???  It’s all available to us, but sadly, not in the box stores.  From now on I’m going to make it easy for YOU to BUY American.

I know this site is not officially up and running just yet, but check back often. It’s a work in progress and I promise it will be worth the wait.

Believe in life, liberty and YOUR pursuit for happiness.  Shop at the

I’ve just made my very first post on my new business website….. wow…….  Thank you for reading!

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